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REDDING, Calif.- Donn Lurrinda Hayden, 36, was arrested today on several insurance fraud felony counts, filing a false police report, and witness harassment for allegedly declaring her car stolen after an accident and fleeing the scene, likely in an attempt to avoid DUI charges while on parole.


In January 2020, Hayden filed a police report and insurance claim claiming that while she was drinking at a bar in downtown Redding, her 2006 Ford Mustang was stolen. Police discovered Hayden’s vehicle abandoned and crashed in an embankment approximately one mile from the downtown area, with significant front-end damage. A trail of Hayden’s personal belongings leading away from the crash scene was also found by police and a single suspect who fit Hayden’s description was seen fleeing the scene on foot.


An investigation by the California Department of Insurance found that Hayden called the Redding Police Department and her insurance provider to report the stolen car several hours after the vehicle was discovered. She made some contradictory comments about the nights’ events to police saying that when an unknown person took her car, she was “buzzed” from drinking.


In the recording of a 911 call made by a bystander at the accident scene during an investigation, Hayden’s parole agents heard her voice. On the 911 tape, Hayden was heard shouting angrily at the bystander to end the call. It was found that Hayden fled the crash scene and filed a false vehicle theft claim. This qualifies as insurance fraud as her insurance firm was forced to pay over $6,500 for the loss of the car, and Hayden evaded a DUI prosecution by fleeing the scene of the crash.


As she is on parole for a violent crime, Hayden obtained changes to the charges. She was registered at the Main Jail of Shasta County and the case is being prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office of Shasta County.