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Instead of driving around your town to meet with an insurance agent, you can now apply online to get commercially insured. The internet has made it very easy to shop for insurance. With this quick way of getting insured, should you still think about using an insurance agent? The easy answer is yes.

Agents are insurance professionals. It is their job to help you shop around for the best plans from all the top leading carriers so you can be confident that you have the best possible rates and coverage.

Here are some reasons why you should work with an insurance agent:

1. Agents can guide you throughout the whole process. If you buy an insurance policy, it can be complicated if you have no idea of how commercial trucking insurance works or what you might need. Especially if you are starting a new company. An agent walks you and explains the whole process of what you might need.

2. Agents can offer you a choice. The agent usually has a portfolio of plans and policies to choose from with different pricing or coverage. Your agent knows best, and knows which policy works best for you in your best interests.

3. Agents can troubleshoot mistakes on an application. If you make a mistake on an application, the insurance company might raise your rates or even reject your application. An agent will fill the application for you, so you get the most accurate rates. They are professionals and know what to look for.

4. It’s absolutely free. This is the best part about getting insurance through an agent. It doesn’t cost you anything. Agent’s don’t take money from you upfront, they collect payment from the insurance companies they represent. Costing you, nothing – best advice, for free – can’t beat that!