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When looking for commercial insurance there are always things that you have to make sure your policy covers so it’s good to know what you’re looking for and ask your insurance agent.

An insurance agent is your best resource to making sure that you are getting the suitable policy for your company, so ask as many questions as you can so you can get familiar with the whole process.

Choosing the right insurance agent is also a factor, because many agents out there like to cut corners, or don’t do things correctly on purpose to save you a few bucks, however in the end all it’s going to do is give you one huge headache. Not only that but it can put you at huge risk by not getting the correct coverage. It’s good to know that there are good brokers out there that actually look out for you and are acting in your best interests.

So, what’s some questions you should ask your Commercial Insurance Agent about your General Liability Insurance?

1. What’s covered (and what’s not)? As you know General Liability insurance is a crucial policy as it covers many risks. There are things that are sometimes not covered by certain policies and you might need multiple policies to fully protect you and your business. Always make sure to ask your agent what other coverages you might need.

2. How do I submit a claim if I get into an accident? There is sometimes some confusion when it comes down to reporting claims and sometimes drivers think that their agent who sold them the policy is going to handle their claim, but that’s not the case. Agents can guide you and point you to the right direction. Always remember, you can contact your insurance company’s claim departments directly.

3. When should I submit a claim? As soon possible for the fastest results. The faster you file, the faster it is resolved.

4. How much does my policy Cover? You want to know exactly how much your insurance company is going to pay out and if you are covered within your policy limits.

5. Are those limits enough for my needs? This always depends on how big your operation is , in regards to business size, claims history and industry. Your agent can help you and verify what limits fit your business.

6. Do I have to pay for my insurance all at once? To receive your benefits, you need to pay your premium for your policy. Typically you get a couple options, making monthly installments or paying a single lump sum. By paying off the lump sum, you can save yourself a great deal of money depending on your individual policy.

Now, how to know that you have found the right insurance agent for you? Make sure their credentials add up.

You can check your insurance brokers background with the Department of Insurance at www.insurance.ca.gov

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