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If you own refrigerated trucks, reefer breakdown coverage would cover the cost of things like:

  • Refrigeration breakdown
  • Lost cargo
  • Damage to products because of a collision

Some insurance policies have exclusions. For instance, certain products are excluded, such as tobacco products, frozen food, or seafood.

Keep in mind, while cheaper trucking insurance is always nice, it might not provide you with the protection you require. While most basic liability insurance coverage are similar across insurance providers, you should thoroughly examine other coverage, including and beyond those discussed above.

Work With ACE Insurance Commercial Center for Your Commercial Trucking Insurance Needs

When you choose an independent insurance provider and get the commercial trucking insurance coverage you need, you have a sense of relief. However, finding insurance isn’t a one-time experience.

As your company changes and grows, your trucking insurance needs will as well. Every year, you should reevaluate your insurance and see if you’re still receiving the full protection your company needs.